Hand-crafted didgeridoo mouthpieces for trombone, euphonium, tuba, and bari sax.
I have completed my move to Little Rock and I am selling mouthpieces again! E-mail me with your instrument type and shank size and I will send you pictures of completed mouthpieces that will fit your instrument. 

We've set up a Facebook group where the nu community can post videos, announce gigs, give suggestions, etc. We're looking forwards to hearing the progress everyone can make! email us if you would like a T-shirt (the design is visible at the bottom of this page), we have plenty and will let them go cheap!​

  1. Erik Nugent
    Erik Nugent
    Erik has been making handmade flutes around Boston from gold, silver, and exotic woods for 17 years. He used this experience to create a chromatic didgeridoo, and while performing with it, met John.