Hand-crafted didgeridoo mouthpieces for trombone, euphonium, tuba, and bari sax.
Thank you for your interest. nu mouthpieces are currently available from two dealers. Virtuosity Musical Instruments in Boston, Massachusetts and Respiración Circular Avanzada in Spain. Contact them now to get your nu mouthpiece before they are sold! Production has been put on hold while I move.

We've set up a Facebook group where the nu community can post videos, announce gigs, give suggestions, etc. We're looking forwards to hearing the progress everyone can make! email us if you would like a T-shirt (the design is visible at the bottom of this page), we have plenty and will let them go cheap!​

  1. Erik Nugent
    Erik Nugent
    Erik has been making handmade flutes around Boston from gold, silver, and exotic woods for 17 years. He used this experience to create a chromatic didgeridoo, and while performing with it, met John.